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Heat Pump Rebate Program

Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative believes that energy efficiency and conservation are key actions in responsible energy management.  We believe that heat pumps can comfortably heat and cool most homes very economically. We are excited to tell you about our heat pump rebate program.

In 2008, Claverack started offering rebates to members who install a heat pump.  This rebate applies to new and existing homes.

Rebates are based on the type of heat pump installed.  A $100 per cooling ton rebate for air source, and $150 per cooling ton rebate for ground source heat pumps is available.  The maximum rebate amount is $900. Stand alone air source heat pump water heaters are eligible for a $50 rebate.

To qualify for the rebate you must submit:


Why should you install a heat pump?

To answer this question we must first understand the terminology. “Heat” or “Cooling” is measured in British Thermal Units or BTU’s. All heaters, furnaces or boilers are measured in BTU’s. We must also consider efficiency. Every heat pump, propane furnace or oil furnace or boiler has an “efficiency rating”. Typically, the newer and higher quality the model, the more efficient it is. All fossil fuel heating systems are less than 100% efficient. Newer heat pumps are 250%-500% efficient. Use the links below to learn more about heat pumps and to compare operational costs of various heating systems.

Claverack takes no responsibility for the proper sizing, installation or operation of heat pumps.

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