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Many utilities publish their rates, sometimes called tariffs. Claverack has two different rate structures for homes and farms, the regular residential rate and the Time-of-Use (TOU) rate. The TOU rate costs are based on when the electricity is used, with on and off-peak pricing structures.

Your bill is comprised of three parts. The cost of service charge is what the cooperative charges to make electricity available to members and to send a monthly bill. This is a monthly charge, regardless of how much electricity is used.

The retail rate (the total rate members pay) is made up of generation charges and distribution charges.  These charges are explained in detail on the back of your billing statement.


Monthly Cost of Service
  • $27.70 (regular residential rate)
  • $31.00 (TOU rate)
TOU Rate On-Peak
  • $0.12000 generation charges
  • $0.03876 distribution charges
  • $0.15876 or 15.8 cents per kilowatt hour
Residential Rate
  • $0.06645 generation charges
  • $0.03364 distribution charges
  • $0.10009 or 10 cents per kilowatt hour
TOU Rate Off-peak
  • $0.04400 generation charges
  • $0.01586 distribution charges
  • $0.05986 or 5.9 cents per kilowatt hour

*Please note: the TOU rate only saves money if you have substantial electrical appliance consumption (electric water heater, electric heaters, dehumidifiers, pools or hot tubs) and you control when these appliances are used (usually with hard-wired timers).

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